About Us


JR Photon

     Welcome. We're  an automotive photography couple with a passion for cars and the culture that envelopes them. Whether we're taking photos of a personal car, auto sports, automotive events, car portraits, locations or high end inventory, we work hard to knock it out of the park every time. We love what we do and always look forward to doing more. 



     Hello, Iā€™m Joanna. I started my photo career over 10 years ago and the passion for photography continues to grow. Cars, to me, posses beauty and personality, and I strive to capture their movement and the presence they create within an environment; just like the people who drive them, they invoke curiosity and it is my natural desire to encapsulate their essence. My purpose in life is to show another perspective and produce quality photographs that people would proudly show in their homes and share with others within the digital world.



     Howdy, I'm Ryan. I've always been fascinated with automobiles, everything about them, but especially the look and the drive. I fell in love with photography ten years ago while taking inventory pictures at a car dealership. Since then, I've been obsessed with taking photos of a continuously higher quality with greater creativity. I thoroughly studied the science of photography and practiced for years, but what made me as good as I am today was meeting Joanna. She's a true artist and has taught me much, enough to fall in love all over again. That's our strength: we work together, we work hard, we have a great time and we always try to impress each other.